San Jose Victim Street Ministry

San Jose Victim Street Ministry

The Diocese of San Jose began the Victim Street Ministry in November of 2019. We go to the many different parts of the Diocese to recognize these victims who have been murdered. The volunteers who participate are dedicated to the memories of those who lost their lives in such a brutal and tragic way.


  When we started this ministry we went back through the complete year of 2019 and went to each location and did a prayer service. It began with my wife Cathy and myself. I posted the times, dates, and locations in an email to the detention ministry volunteers and hoped for the best. It started to grow. (We now also post it on our Diocese web site). Our attendance is from 2 to 10 people that participate in these services in person and the many that keep the victims in prayer.


  We have a priest, Fr. Truyen Nguyen who is a chaplain in the jails in the DSJ and one of the leaders in the VSM services. He, along with those from our detention ministry as well as those who belong to other faiths, continue to support these services. There is a sense of respect and reverence at these locations that are in the middle of neighborhoods, shopping centers, homeless encampments and on the streets.


  We read what little we know about the victims and pray and bless the ground with holy water. We reclaim this area as a place where someone took there last breath as we recognize the violence that occurred there.


This ministry is a ministry of presence and we often learn more about the victims from the passerby’s that knew them. A positive outcome of holding these services is when a neighbor joins us and gives testimony to the person who lost their life.


  We also remember the offender.

- Lee Campbell, San Jose Director of Restorative Justice


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