Frequently Asked Questions on the CRJN Certificate Webinar Series

Catholic Restorative Justice Network
Certificate Webinar Series


Is it too late to register?

No, not at all! You can register anytime. You can register for the entire certificate program or just single webinars.


How soon can a person register for the upcoming webinars in March?

Anytime!  You can even register on the day of the webinar.


If you registered for the February 4 Launch and Q&A session do you still need to register for the 4-part series?

No, if you registered once you will be registered for all subsequent sessions.


Will this be open to non-Catholics?

Yes. It is open to all. We want to reach you where you are, build relationships with you, and connect people through our Catholic Restorative Justice Network.


How can we include people we do not normally reach or who do not normally have access to programs such as this?

Please reach out and invite people to register. We are casting the net as wide as possible.



How can we confirm that we registered for webinars?

If you registered before February 11, you will receive an email confirmation and next steps from us.

If you registered after February 10, you will automatically see this confirmation and next steps information when you “click” register.



What is the time zone for the webinars?

Yes, all of the webinars will take place at 6:30pm to 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time (PST – California time).



Will that session on Sunday be recorded to watch at a later time?

Yes, the 11:00 a.m. February 21 Mass celebrated by Bishop David O’Connell will be recorded to watch at a later time. Bishop is a wonderful celebrant! 


When will the "code" be available for those who have to miss a session because of a conflict?

The code will be available for those who have to miss a session sometime after the live session has occurred. Please contact Debbie McDermott at to request the code after the recording of the session has been made.


Is it important for the participants to get to know one another?

We think that this is very helpful and beneficial for participants to get to know one another. That is why we encourage you to get to know the Restorative Justice Director in your diocese so that you will be able to network with others with similar interests.



Will the webinars be in Spanish also?

The webinars for Series 1 (this one) will be in English with simultaneous translation to Spanish. Our hope for Series 2 is to have Spanish language sessions. We don’t have a date for Series 2 yet, but we are aiming for later this year - 2021.



Is this a university-level class?

Even though some of the instructors teach at the university level, they were specifically selected because they are great teachers in the truest sense of the word, able to take ideas, concepts, and experiences and make them accessible to all.   


How will this complement or be applicable to the MA degree at SCU?

It will give the participant a small taste of some of the content in the Restorative Justice and Chaplaincy concentration in the MA in Pastoral Ministries at SCU and perhaps whet the appetite for a little more.



Will there be any bridge from the webinar series pointing to next steps? In the detention facilities or working with survivors and families?

Yes, your local Diocesan Restorative Justice Director will be in contact with you to assist with next steps and local follow-up training. You can also find information at


Is there any plan that leads us to a path forward to apply what we learn in these webinars at the diocesan level?

Yes, absolutely.  The information and skills that you will learn in these webinars can be applied to many areas in ministry and life. Please reach out to you your local California Diocesan Restorative Justice Director  - who will gladly assist you. 


Will there be a Series 2 webinar opportunity? When will it be announced?

Yes, there will be a Series 2.  It will be different webinars. The date has yet TBA.

Will there be a cost to it?

We don’t anticipate any cost. Although, we shamelessly welcome donations -


Is there intent for this series to be the first of many?

Yes. Keep connecting with us on our website, social media, and at your diocese.


Are we going to be learning about ongoing programs for service to victims/survivors of violence?

Yes, absolutely. You will learn a lot in this webinar series. I also encourage you to contact your local California Diocesan Restorative Justice Director to learn what is being offered locally

Plus, watch our website for new information coming soon.



Is this open to literally everyone? I’d like to share on social media!

Yes, this IS open to everyone. You can find information to share in the following locations:


Instagram: cacatholicrj