We live the Gospel message of Jesus by serving those affected by the criminal justice system; offender, victim, their families and their communities. 


We are first and foremost a Ministry of Presence while providing for the pastoral needs of all those effected by crime and the criminal justice system within the diocese of Orange.  




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In-custody services include:  Victims services include: 

. Mass . Religious services for 

. Communion services   Children within County  

. Confessions   Foster Care 

. Sacramental prep . Group Healing Circle  

. Bible studies    sessions for those who lost  

. One-to-one pastoral visits   a loved one by homicide 

. Liturgical holiday services & activities 

. Training & Leadership development  

. Faith Formation  



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We provide resources to support and educate our parishes and the larger community. 

We work collaboratively with local universities, faith based, community non-profit, law enforcement and corrections and county agencies to identify gaps in reentry services, measure results, provide a reliable and comprehensive transitional process to help reduce recidivism and improve public safety.   



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We advocate for restorative justice practices and legislation on both a local and state level.   





Padres Unidos 

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Padres Unidos is a grass roots community intervention non-profit organization that embraces communities’ needs, leverages its strengths, and achieves civic engagement for the greater common good.  

Through a structured process, we identify the challenges parents are facing raising their youth who are experiencing incarceration, probation terms, are gang involved or at-risk. Padres Unidos parent certification classes provides parents with the tools and resources required to meet their goals. Padres Unidos also provides a unique and supportive approach of accompaniment that enlists everyone’s participation thereby increasing the probability for successful outcomes.  


Project Kinship 

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Project Kinship aims to provide services to the reentry population. Services include both direct services and capacity training for system and community agencies. Project Kinship’s staff provides emotional support and advocacy as we assist individuals through the stages of reentry and system network care. A strong emphasis is centered on promoting system care access, individual and family driven case management services, short-term individual and group counseling, and group educational/skills classes. Program participants are provided with support that helps to develop coping skills that lead to meaningful and productive lives. 


Christbound Youth Outreach 

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A specialized in-custody youth ministry activity designed to help incarcerated youth experience their faith through creative and meaningful activities, sharing, listening, fellowship, prayer & scripture. Christbound assists in fostering the personal and spiritual growth of each youth leading them closer to Christ and His Church. 



Hub for Integration, Reentry & Employment (H.I.R.E.) 

H.I.R.E. is a newly developed restorative justice reentry program in Orange County California. Serving justice involved youth and adults with resources and employment, H.I.R.E. works as a link between service providers collaborating to benefit the community as a whole. We seek to maximize the skills and talents of justice-involved youth and adults as we envision a unified Orange County where gaps in social, political, and economic opportunities are eliminated. 



Contact Director, 
Fred La Puzza 
(714) 282-4261 

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