Bring Restorative Justice Leadership Training to Your Parish.

Working with local PICO California affiliates, People and Congregations Together (PACT) and Congregations Building Community (CBC), we are recruiting and training leaders from parishes in communities highly impacted by violence. These groups identify issues around violence reduction efforts, and take specific actions to bring about local, state and national policy changes. We have been able to hold 11 Trainings this past quarter, which includes training 53 leaders and 35 new leaders all of which are low income individuals. 

Help to Dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

To provide our youth with a space in the education system rather than prison.

Help to Implement Prop 47.

We partner with the County Public Defender’s office to host clinics that help people reclassify their felonies, thus opening doors for possible employment and housing opportunities.

Learn How to Facilitate a Circle for Healing.

For individuals who were formerly incarcerated and their families.

Help us Build Momentum around the California Money Bail Reform Act

SB 10 and AB42 seek to reform the money bail system to make it more just and to make communities safer.  Grassroots leaders also educated policy makers around the need for bail reform through phone calls and visits.

Help us Move Forward

We held a forum in Modesto on April 20, 2017 focused on the need for sanctuary policy with several council members. One council member Tony Madrigal, supported the petition and we are working with the other council members to move forward this priority from the people.

Deacon Fidel Carrillo

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