Vision and Mission

About Us

Our Mission

The Gospel calls us to follow Jesus Christ's example of faith, hope and love. Through Jesus, God reaches out to the broken, the poor, the sick and the imprisoned. We seek a restorative justice model to empower the Church to heal our communities damaged by crime and violence. This includes the reconciliation and healing of victims of crime and their families, prisoners and their families, and all those who serve in the criminal justice system. The CCC Restorative Justice Committee, through its advocacy in legislation, education and pastoral care, is dedicated to the transformation of our criminal justice system.

We Envision

  • Our Church as a prophetic witness to peace and justice, to truth and freedom "so that all people may be raised up to a new hope."  (Eucharistic  prayer)
  • A society of compassion and healing justice for crime victims, offenders and their family members and communities.
  • A society healed from the divisiveness and fear that have created the largest prison system in the world.
  • A society that no longer executes its prisoners or subjects them to long periods of inhumane treatment in solitary confinement.
  • A society the offers crime victims and their families opportunities for justice that heal and restore lives to the extent possible.
  • A society that is more just and respects the human dignity of all persons and ends policies that criminalize and separate family members of the undocumented. operates under the care of the California Catholic Conference. The Conference received a significant grant from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development to expand its restorative justice work across the state. Dioceses share the following goals:

  • To engage people at the local parish level
  • To integrate Catholic social teaching into all activities and events
  • To partner with organizations already working successfully in targeted areas
  • To cultivate leadership that can advocate for system-wide change