Wall of Remembrance

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In Remembrance


We pray for the souls of all our beloved dead, especially those who have lost their lives in California as a result of violence. 

Jesus said to his disciples: "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in Gehenna. Are not two sparrows sold for a small coin? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father's knowledge. Even all the hairs of your head are counted. So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father. But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly Father." - Matthew 10:28-33

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» We Remember in Prayer All Listed on Our Wall of Remembrance « 

David Lines + Jimmy Meza + Rylee Goodrich + Gladys Elizabeth (Lizzy) Orosco + John Hemmer + Ruben Rene Quezada + Raul Hernandez Ramirez + Mauricio Moreno + Alexus Franco + Unnamed Female + Natasha Denise Barlow + Mauro Villiasenor + Pedro Ramirez + Isaac Valles + Jose Sosa + Unnamed Male + Ubaldo Andrade + Robert Emilio Minjares + Sidney Thompson + Sgt. Dominic Vaca + Manuel Villaman + Unnamed Male Minor + Heather Osbrink + Unborn Baby Haynes + Tameka Haynes + Cole William Birchard + Unnamed Male + Pedro Cervantes + Ricardo Nunez + Unnamed Male + Manuel Rodriguez + Unnamed Male + Saul Jimenez Aguilar + David Spann + Malissa Ynda + Donzell Jones + Stephen Aquino Valentin + Ke Chieh Meng + Unnamed Male + Ashley Brito + Andres Martinez + Linda Coleman + G.P. + Cynthia Denise Ibarra-Cabrera + Oran Wheaton-Esclovon + Jose Rondan + Robert Anthony Giroux + Raul Saldana + Chris Sgouromitis + Daniel Penunuri + Robin Patricia Barr + Grant Leggette, Sr. + Unnamed Male + Adrian David Denava + James Bernard + Edward Pierce + Markese Benny Holland + Jennifer Dillon + Guillermo Jacobo + Unnamed Newborn Infant + David Joaquin Murieta + Jose Luis Villegas III + Denise Irene Wong + Maximina Rivera + Ines Flores OlmosEduardo Jose Cardenas + CANSIO Campos Zavala + Janet Hoben and Christine Francis + Bob Gannon + Robert Perea + Inmates at TTCF + Por mi familia-Centeno + Familia Aparicio Holguin + VICTOR NEGRETE + Alma Magallanes Negrete + Milda Avila + AbuIshaq AbdulHafiz  + Jose Corona Galvan and His Family + Victims of sexual abuse + Si por los campesinos indocumentados + por la paz del mundo + My brothers and sisters in prison + Special Intentions + For myself and my family + Emmanuel Vasquez-Harro + Jose + THOSE SUFFERING FROM ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION + For the youth and staff at NCYCC filled with anxiety and depression + The Mahoney Family and The Prabhu Family + My sister who is a Dominican nun who is afflicted with Parkinson’s and also my family especially my grandchildren Sofie and Olive + Stephen Solomon + Hogg Family + Those incarcerated in Santa Ana Jail + Pope Francis + Patricia A. Hogg + The Durazo Family + Gina Felix + David & Karen Reis; and all victims of violence and injustice + Eileen Frahm + All those who live on the outskirts of hope + Jasmine Nguyen + Gina Felix & Felipe Arroyo + Sarai Monroy and Sonia Garcia + Incarcerated men and women in the Santa Barbara County Main Jail  + My family + Maria Molina + Baby Eli Abundis  + My cousins who participated in violence and my friend Ivan + Aliyah M + MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN INCARCERATED + all our incarcerated brothers and sisters + Maria Molina + The Catholic RJ Network and the team making it possible + Stephen Murphy + My son, John Francis + dn earl + Percella Esquivel + Clarissa Martinez + Jeremyah Villanueva + Ronald + All of our brothers and sisters incarcerated  + Maryknoll Young Adults  + Cheryl Ward Kaiser + Everyone that's affected by the Pandemic  + Families of Survivors of Crime ministry + Pope Francis and President Joe Biden + Inmates + Jose de Jesus Flores Briones and Familia Flores Garcia + Dorothy Leveque  + Denise Kees, Amara Tuttle, Chiquita and Christopher Batie + Freddie Irragori and Jesse Aleyo + Chris Rettagliata  + FAMILY + Amara Tuttle, Denise Kees and family  + that our country becomes united + Incarcerated patients with COVID at LAC USC Medical Center and beyond + Deacon Earl  + Celia Rivero + Albert Jones  + All who are living in an isolation that will never end + Aiko Faye + Jerrilee Lucas + Matthew Edward + my sister Leticia Baeza + J Cardona + Michael Valencia + Please pray for our returned missioners and volunteers! + Maria + My family + am a public defender and would appreciate prayers for my juvenile lifer clients + Nellie Ramirez y David  + Job + Mrs. Merial Mitchell, my mother + Ja'Marie + Guadalupe Cox + Jesse Alvarez + The people of God + Jeremiah + All those dying alone in hospitals + My cousin Frank Ram  + Maxi Rivera + Mary + Attitoh Tohouri + Dwayne Hunter, Zhao Yua and Family, Melota Lasi Jr. and Bryan Kelly + My Nino Gabriel - incarcerated + ALAINA ARROYO; MARIO TEIXEIRA; FRANCES ADAMS; ANTHONY AFLAGUE; DARLENE AFLAGE + The Foundation of Hope + GERALD BADUA  + J. Moore and L. Tremblay; in need of healing + Roger Hukom Jr. + My family + Jim Paschall who died from Covid 19 + Andres Sotelo Jr. + Sabrina Lecce  23, killed by DUI driver + The incarcerated men, women, and children + Eric Ghiz, John Barney, Kathy Monahan + James Wallace + Survivors of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church + Youth in Juvenile prison facilities + Me and my Family + Clergy Abuse Victims  + Gladis Soto, CCWF + Incarcerated men and women in the Santa Barbara County Main Jail + Ched Neuhaus + George Floyd + for all children separated at the United States and California border; for an end to misinformation and conspiracy theories; for a greater respect of ALL human life + Mario Ramirez + Jon-PIerre LeCompte + The world  + My personal intentions + Leticia Martinez, on ventilator Covid-19  + my father Fred + Itzel Socorro + Julianna and Galen Underwood  + Kirk and Jill + Eduardo Manuel Coronado  + My uncle, Artemio Domingo + Adielyn Canaleja  + Father Augustine Joseph + Francis + Mi Familia + Inmates at Salinas Valley State Prison  + Gary Baker + Father Michael Fugee  + Ryan Labbe + Clemente S + Thoai H + Sandy Boyer family + immigrants & the incarcerated + The Victims & Offenders in the Diocese of San Jose + For all of those who are suffering as a result of COVID + The eternal repose of George Abasolo and Chito Mabanta + Frances Dacey and Sr. Julia McGinty + The 55 year old San Quentin security guard, Gilbert Pioanco, who died of COVID in August 2020 - and his coworkers and prisoners who died. I pray for his San Jose wife and 2 young adult children  + President Biden + Terence   Familia de Carlos Leon + Danilo Principe, Reynaldo Principe, Eduardo Principe and Ronald Principe + Those incarcerated for drug offenses    + Maryanne Stanislaw + Jerry Madrigal + Those affected by Covid + Gilberto Trevinomy brother who is currently incarcerated at the santa ana jail + Jayne Golini  + My mother’s friend husband who is currently incarcerated, our clients and staff at Bill Wilson Center + For the health of elderly father Manuel Mendoza + Roberto Cruz and Maria Cruz, and Johnny gomez + Wisdom for personal and communal direction in the area of Restorative Justice + Cousin Angela + José López + My family + Por la convercion del mundo + young men in Marin City + Maria Luisa Alvarado + Sonny James + Tara M Gilmore + All those that have lost their lives due to injustices that persist in society. + All young people who so desperately want to return to school + il Santo Padre Francesco. + James, Chet, Darryl, Lawrence + Luciano Martinez + Betsy Ramos Preciado + Fr Mario Lopez + Ronald + Marcel Mesaros, Katarina Pivonkova, MArtin Zilinsky, Jana ZIlinska, Andrea Mesarosova  + Por los servidores y detenidos, converciones + Ronald Diaz (Father/Deceased), Ofelia Diaz (Grandmother/Elderly) + My Daughter and husband + Hector D Moreno CA State Prison Solano + Elena Baesa de Ramirez + Formación de la Fe/ Religous Education + Alex Torres + For the members of the Hispanic council and Fr. Page + Nick Cacas (my son) + My children: Claire, Daniel and Joseph + For Jessica Nguyen and her family  + Hung Vu + Por mi tia Rosa + Todos los arrestados por ICE  + Nuestros confinados + Janet Hoben and Christine Francis  + Brigitte + Nicki Garris + Mirna Modes, Iris Hall, Andria Mendoza, Asher Vieira, Yina y Caro Modes + Rufino Díaz. + Daughter Mary Hughes + Maria, Inge, Uli, Martin & family + Kathy Myers + Kayte Roach + Moises Dominguez, Claudia Erazo + Tony and Adrian  Jose Oscar Padilla Jr. + Rivera Family + Mary Louise Broderick + Manuel Ramirez + For the poor and suffering in our world + Por todos los voluntarios en cada diocesis, para que cuando nos podamos reunir pesencialmente, todos regresemos a nuestros ministerios con gozo y fuerzas para continuar nuestra misionMiguel Ossa + Carla Cano, Julian Fernandez, Ministerio Otra Pareja Para Cristo, Father Fredy Calvario + La Santa Iglesia + Por la salud de Alfredo Romer + Edward & Edgar Tovar + My Nino Gabriel + For all prisoners + Reynaldo Lara + Por todos los desamparados + La Santa Iglesia + Familia Tellez Salas + Richard Belmontez + Manuel Ramirez + Luz Elena Heredia + For the whole world + For those incarcerated in Adelanto prison + Victims of crime and their families, as well as perpetrators and their families + For the Inmates who died of COVID 19 in CMF + Avery Shelton + Jose Quintero, Leticia Martinez, mother of Nathan Arnold, Ramirez family + Barbara Claire Bowman-Holtz + Leonard + Anyone afflicted by domestic violence + Blanca De Haro + Valentine Nwogu + Veronica Hernandez + Si Poe mi hija Maricela Sandoval sufre de depression and anxiety + Victims of racial hate and physical assault + Judith Roach + Jose Castillo + Por mi familia + Alonzo Perez + Mi familia + William J Smith + all incarcerated Veterans + Ched Neuhaus + Maria de Jesus  + Roberta FitzpatrickPeople I am companioning in homelessness and my own courage to continue to do what is just in every circumstanceMy mother ReisaRufino DiazMark Rod EvansEmilyPor mi hermana Margarita y su familiaMy incarcerated brother JoelFor all farm workers and their familiesErick AndersonJerry SmithIncarcerated youthMY SISTER, SOR. LETICIA DELFIN, O.P.MY CHILDREN AND FAMILYMY HEALTHCelina RiveroIncarcerated, re-entry, and familiesSanquitaRosa SantanaGil Pena  Baby Goodnight, Boaz, Isaiahthe youth in the CA and LA juvenile justice systemsMi MamáLos Encarcelados, matrimonios separados y Familia AguilarTeresa RodriguezDwightChristine FrancisAll of those incarcerated  Daniel TrujilloDr. FreedmanJordan MahoneyPrudence PigottGreg IrvinePeter + relatives who tested positive for CovidMaryorieMarlon y Francisco PerezMi Familiaworld healthFor quick and safe return of our Priests and Religious to full-time ministryMy familySandra Chapman Moran; William ChapmanPor todos los residentes del condado de MonoJudy ReynoldsGreg Mellor, chaplain at Sacramento State Prison-FolsomKenny Reed + Wilmer Gonzalez Velasquez

» 2020 San Francisco « Yik Oi Huang + Emma Hunt + Amir Alkhraisat + Eddie Ellenberg IV + Michael Hampton + Henry Kemp + Mark Anthony Hughes II + Demondre Perkins + Manuel Sac Ajtzalam + Alex Kim + Julia Nguyen + Unidentified woman + Anchour Chouadra + Mark Fox + Catono Perez + Unidentified man + William Beaver + Courtney Brousseau + Kelvin Chew + Leo Hainzl + Pilar Wolfblack + Jaquan Cheatham + Deanna Rice + Yuqin Sun + Andre Grant + Jace Young + Jerome Mallory + Paul Ortega + Marsai Gross + Antoni Ibrahim Bajjalieh + Roland Jones + Frank Beltran + Sach Truong + Darrelle Scales + Fred Robino + Myeshia Villadora + Cesar Corza + Omar Williams + Vermond Jones + Orlando Echeagaray + Cesar Vargas + Anthony Atchan + Sichards Malone + Maurice Green + Eric Moren + Marcus Harrison + Lamar Williams + Demaree Hampton + Eugene Chunn + Zhao Yu + Bryan Kelley + Davanta Plousha