2020 Elections

The U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph is offering a simple CSSJ reflection, rooted in the ten principles of Catholic Social Teaching, for the next ten weeks leading up to the November 3 elections. We encourage you, your community, your communicators, and our partners to use/share/email/post/tweet these reflections. They have been designed to spark reflections and conversations via social media and engage all of us in the upcoming 2020 elections.

You can find the reflection attached or you can view the reflections on our new Civic Engagement page on our website! We have past and current reflections on the website, in addition to additional resources on voting.

Our special thanks to the JPIC Federation Immigration Working Group for creating this series for us!

A reminder that on Thursday, September 24 at 3 pm ET, we will have our first restorative justice workshop. In this first session we will discuss the philosophy, principles and practices of restorative justice. We will also discuss the intersection of the CSSJ charism and restorative justice values. There will be time for discussion and a Q&A with the speakers at the end. Additionally, we will introduce resources to restorative justice education and practices. Learn more about the workshop on our website page, view the resources, and sign-up for the workshop here.

We are still firming up the time for the October workshop on Restorative Justice and Racism but save-the-date for Saturday, October 10. We're looking forward to announcing a very exciting line-up of speakers next week. We can't wait to tell you more. We will send out a new registration link for the October workshop as soon as we can.



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