National Organizations

Death Penalty Focus
A non-profit organization dedicated to the abolition of capital punishment through grassroots organizing, research, and the dissemination of information about the death penalty and its alternatives.
(415) 243-0143

Ministry Against the Death Penalty
An organization founded by Sr. Helen Prejean, nationally recognized advocate for ending the death penalty and author of Dead Man Walking. The Network is dedicated to broad and meaningful conversation with those who have differing opinions on the death penalty. Such conversations require honesty, commitment and a willingness to probe and become informed about often difficult issues. 
(504) 948-6557

The Prison Policy Initiative
The non-profit, non-partisan Prison Policy Initiative produces cutting edge research to expose the broader harm of mass criminalization, and then sparks advocacy campaigns to create a more just society. The data this team collects is translated into charts, infographics and clear analysis that makes a vast issue more manageable.

Prison Policy Initiative, PO Box 127, Northampton MA 01061